Take Part Final Report 2011

Take Part Final Report 2011Take Part Final Report 2011

Take Part Final Report 2011
This report presents the final findings from the evaluation by the Community Development Foundation (CDF) of Take Part, a three-year programme of support for active citizenship and learning funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and managed by CDF.

Take Part Framework 2011

Take Part Framework 2011Take Part Framework 2011

Take Part Framework 2011
This updated version of the Take Part Learning Framework is intended to reflect the broader scope of the Take Part approach, with more recent examples having been developed through the Take Part Pathfinder programme (2008- 2011). It is also a response to feedback from practitioners who preferred a shortened, more practical version for easier implementation in their community learning contexts.

Taking Part? Active learning for Active Citizenship

Taking Part?


This book explores the contemporary approaches to democratic citizenship and community-based education. It provides a series of case studies and reflects on the lessons of national initiatives. The case studies include examples of active learning for active citizenship with refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers as well as with anti-racist activists among more established communities. There are also case studies of programmes working with a range of women, people with disabilities and their carers, and with faith based organisations. The book goes on to look at these approaches in a wider context, looking at the potential for developing global dimensions to citizenship, in an increasingly globalised world.

“I found much of the work reported in this book inspiring. … maintains a high standard throughout.” (Tom Bourner, Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning)